DIY Project

DIY - Do It Yourself

Do it on your own risk! Not for everyone.
(will void any warranty)

A good friend of mine, an Electronic Engineer shared his hack method to me for the BOSeTAMPER to get a longer standby time from the normal standard 24 hour-ish to a multiple days by disable the 'on-board power management' circuit.

FYI, the BOSeTAMPER 'on-board power management' circuit monitor the over-charging which very good feature to get the battery life-time optimal as you can just put it on the wireless charging and leave it, this circuit will cut it of automatically, which is very convenience for you. 

This is possible because BOSeTAMPER is using a 'smart battery' which also has its own power management.

What you can do it yourself is open the casing and eliminate 2 resistors:
     - R37
     - R38

The downside is you want to keep on eye when the battery light change from Red (sign for charging) to Green (sign for full), you want to take it off from the wireless charging pad. This is a good practice as wireless charging coil still sending some power wirelessly through their inductive coil. 

If you know how to use soldering iron on SMD resistor, you can take them off easily.
The other way is snip them off using a pointy snip micro cutter like this Amazon one.

Again, this is DIY and your own risk.

I can help answer some questions on the Online store chat since I test this hack myself and it works on my demo units. Please type a passcode keyword 'I love BOSeTAMPER' to start the chat, so I know you read all of these above before asking. I will share a video instruction how I do it base on my friend suggestion.