❓ The tamping is not level.

🌟 Please add the depth setting 1 step at a time. Increase for 1 step is about 1mm deeper.


❓ I can not turn it on next day, I just tamp 2x yesterday.

🌟 The standby time is about 24 hours after fully charging.
The system is actually never really Off; instead off Sleep only. During sleep, the electronic circuit uses some battery power. 
This power management circuit monitors the Middle touch sensor button all the time for immediate Wake-up action, ready for tamping instantly.
In addition, there is a circuit with a feature to stop the wireless charging automatically after the battery is fully charged so the battery lifetime is optimal.


❓Sometime could not tamp even the power is On.

🌟 Recalibrate the portafilter’s sensor. Please follow this instructions: https://youtu.be/S-rq7rIOvrs


❓ Why is tamping by itself?

🌟 So this is a sign that the sensor calibration is not done correctly yet.
Please redo it and make sure the 1st step and 2nd step are correct:
- 1st step is called “Detach”: just place it on top of the portafilter (do not twist it yet)
- 2nd step is called “Attach”: and now you twist lock it


❓ The menu stuck on 'Cleaning Mode' and the touch buttons are not responsive.

🌟 This is a sign that the wireless charging pad triggers the touch sensor button and wake up the system to turn On.
You do want the system stay Off all the time during charging.

To get out from this condition, you need to reset the unit. There are 2 different ways:
- Let it running out battery juice and shutdown by itself
- Open the casing and disconnect the battery clip

Basically you have to keep the unit Sleep/Power Off every-time during charging.
Here are video examples of the right condition when charging correctly.
- Video 1 www.youtube.com/shorts/f08qsxfWwKM
- Video 2 www.youtube.com/shorts/46Y1JSNlLsE