Quick Start Guide (Mass Production Version)

Only charging it when the power is OFF.
Charging during Power-On might cause false-trigger on the switches (capacitive sensor).
There is 30 seconds automatic shutdown idle.
Always wireless-charging when the power is OFF.
Expect to leave the BOSeTAMPER on the wireless charger when not needed (ie. night time). There is automatic cut-off charging when the battery power is enough to prevent from over-charging. 

 Please watch this video instruction.

Download here for the link for the Instruction in PDF

Here is the charger that works well (tested):

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Quick Start Guide Part 2 (Mass Production Version)



Quick Start Guide (up to rev20)

You can download the PDF here

Using a phone charging pad, invert tamp and place in charge pad until charge.

Turning On
Invert the tamper, on the underside you will see a small white switch, depress to turn on

Calibrating the Portafilter's Sensor
Please watch this Youtube video, make sure the step 1 and step 2 are follow accurately. Those 2 steps are very critical.

By pressing the buttons on the top of the tamper the pressure can be increased or decreased.
Left button = Will lower the number and decrease the pressure
Right button = Will raise the number and increase the pressure
      Recommended start position 15

Press and hold the right button for 3 Sec, until you see the screen change, then release.
Press once more to lower head, Then Clean with a soft brush. To retract head press once again, then press and hold 3 sec to exit cleaning mode.
Video instruction (Youtube) open here

Calibration Mode
Detach Portafilter “Single click left button”
Attach Portafilter
Set Hysteresis
      Default 70 (Range 0 <-> 100)

Dwelling Time
Set Dwelling time
Default = 0s (Range 0, 1 & 2Sec)
      This setting sets the tamp time, head will extend the hold for the set time

Tamper Speed
Set Tamper Number
Default = 1x (Range 1x, 2x & 3x)
      Setting how many times the head will lower and raise.