Quick Start Guide BOSeTAMPER


The very first time to do is charging your unit.
Apple MagSafe is the best I have been testing and using my self. Make sure to place the MagSafe on the middle  on top of the unit carefully not to be on top of the 'capacitive sensing buttons'
You should see only 1 red LED lid up on the PCB (as well LED on the side of the Battery).
Sometime if you see the red LED blink, that is a good sign that the wireless charging pad is not strong enough to initializing the charging process. MagSafe rarely has this issue if you use a good power adaptor

Always only charging it when the power is OFF!

The charger (MagSafe) need to be in the center and do NOT trigger the Wake up Middle center 'button'. It is capasitive sensing "button". You do not want the charger triggered the "button".

Make sure only 1 led on the PCB lid up!

Charging with MagSafe Charging with Other wireless charging pad

Charging during Power-On might cause false-trigger on the switches (capacitive sensor).
There is 30 seconds automatic shutdown idle.
Always wireless-charging when the power is OFF.
Expect to leave the BOSeTAMPER on the wireless charger when not needed (ie. night time). There is automatic cut-off charging when the battery power is enough to prevent from over-charging. 




This is the Quick start guide for software firmware Rev2x


This version is no longer need manual portafilter calibration. It is ready to use in the portafilter. 



 This is the Quick start guide for software firmware Rev1x

 Please watch this video instruction.

Download here for the link for the Instruction in PDF

Here is the charger that works tested in Boston USA:

Please check BOSeTAMPER Instagram for a lot of story and information.  

Quick Start Guide Part 2 (Mass Production Version)



Quick Start Guide (up to rev20) for the 3D PRINT Version only!

You can download the PDF here

Using a phone charging pad, invert tamp and place in charge pad until charge.

Turning On
Invert the tamper, on the underside you will see a small white switch, depress to turn on

Calibrating the Portafilter's Sensor
Please watch this Youtube video, make sure the step 1 and step 2 are follow accurately. Those 2 steps are very critical.

By pressing the buttons on the top of the tamper the pressure can be increased or decreased.
Left button = Will lower the number and decrease the pressure
Right button = Will raise the number and increase the pressure
      Recommended start position 15

Press and hold the right button for 3 Sec, until you see the screen change, then release.
Press once more to lower head, Then Clean with a soft brush. To retract head press once again, then press and hold 3 sec to exit cleaning mode.
Video instruction (Youtube) open here

Calibration Mode
Detach Portafilter “Single click left button”
Attach Portafilter
Set Hysteresis
      Default 70 (Range 0 <-> 100)

Dwelling Time
Set Dwelling time
Default = 0s (Range 0, 1 & 2Sec)
      This setting sets the tamp time, head will extend the hold for the set time

Tamper Speed
Set Tamper Number
Default = 1x (Range 1x, 2x & 3x)
      Setting how many times the head will lower and raise.