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Pre-Order at least 4 weeks (please be patient) BOSeTamper for Breville and Sage - Boston Electronic Espresso Tamper 53.5mm (Patent Pending). Wireless charger pad is NOT included!

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For buyers outside the USA (international): you are responsible for any other cost like your local import taxes, fees, customs duties ("Import Fees"), etc.

There is NO warranty, but I always offer remote support to get optimum functionality. Some main  components could be sourced in (ie. battery and motor).

Daniel (the BOSeTAMPER inventor) notes:

I make every single unit by myself at home (kitchen) one by one and got a lot of orders. So please understand that it would take time. I do work hard to shorten the lead time. Thank you for your understanding and all your support. 

Boston Electronic Tamper. A wireless charger pad is NOT included!

World's First Compact size Handheld Electronic Espresso Tamper

Easy to use, small, portable, wireless charging, automatic, electronic, espresso tamper that reduces fatigue on your wrist.

This is a commercial final beta-release that is available to purchase in a very limited quantity. Get yours while it lasts. Lead time up to 12 weeks ready to ship. Free shipping for US address only. Will try to ship faster but expect 12 weeks until further notice. Thank you!

This one is coming with Stainless steel tamper 53.5mm along with CNC mechanical parts made by a professional high-end machine shop

The body 3D printer parts using PETG material for a safer food non-direct contact. Please take care of the cleanness at your own risk regarding food safety issues. The body color would be random based on the color availability. Usually black but it could be dark grey, deep blue, or even stone white.

The top wood skin might differ based on the wood veneer stock, but this is about the reference you are getting.

The wireless charging station (not included) would be needed to charge the unit. A 15-watt phone Qi-wireless charger station would be a good option. This wireless charger was tested and work fine.

Compatible to 54mm portafilter with 3-locking "ears" type only.

Tested and work with: (update 6/28/22)

  • Breville portafilter
  • Sage portafilter

    Tested and work with basket: (update 6/28/22)

    • IMS basket

    Please take a look at this video instruction to guide you on how to operate the unit. 

    Please check our video updates at BOSeTamper Youtube channel.

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