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PreOrder MassPro Ver BOSeTAMPER 58.5mm (Schedule ready to ship by July 2023)

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Please only use English character shipping address. Otherwise, the UPS system won't be able to process the address.

This is happening... 🌟

Please note this is a final sales, as I am using the money to purchase the components from the vendors like electronic board, motors, battery and machining parts. Cancellation can not be processed.

Place PRE-ORDER for the Mass Production BOSeTAMPER 58.5mm now.

The schedule planning is ready to ship by June 2023 ! Will update any progress as often as possible through Instagram.

Pictures and Videos are illustration rendering only. The real product will be slightly different. Will update the photos and videos of the real products when available as soon as possible.

This is not including the Wireless charging pad. You can purchase on your local cellphone store. It is a standard Qi fast charging 15watt that typically  Iphone or Samsung use.

Here is the charger that works well (tested):

If you have any question, please DM to
Or leave a Chat message in the online store

The improvements (compared to the 3dprint version):

  • Body/case injection molding 
  • PCB is a optimized custom design
  • Firmware power management much longer
  • Oled screen about at the same location
  • Buttons are now capacitive sensor (no more mechanical switches)
  • The power button is on the top side for more convenience
  • Battery much easier to replace by yourself (9v micro usb type)

 Key Features:

  • Auto-shutdown power management (for a longer usage time)
  • Auto-stop wireless charging when battery full (for a longer battery lifetime)
  • Tamping max depth is about 20mm


  • Weight:
    • Product: 315 grams
    • Shipping: 480 grams
  • Dimensions::
    • Product: 92mm x 92mm x 72mm
    • Shipping: 115mm x 115mm x 100mm
  • Power: 9v battery
  • Rechargeable: by standard Qi wireless charging
  • Time fully charge: 1 - 2 hours
  • Force: 25-30 lb force

BOSeTAMPER is PCT international patent and trademark pending.